Women in Business luncheon

Tuesday 25 September 2018

With guest speakers..


Gillian Perry

Co-founder & Hon Vice President, Anne Frank Trust UK

Kim Arnold

Business Growth Consultant


Gillian Perry

"You have created a remarkable organisation which has generated so much good work for a cause that is as essential today as it was when you first set out. Your vision and hard work of using Anne’s story to be a beacon for greater tolerance has become a vivid reality through your tenacious efforts. You should be justly so proud."

Michael Hirst OBE

Gillian co-founded the Anne Frank Trust UK, the partner organisation of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, in 1990 along with family and friends of Anne's father Mr Otto Frank. She led the charity as its CEO for 26 years building it from a small operation in her home to one of the UK's leading educational charities, educating over 30,000 young people a year and with a team of 35.

The Trust works in some of the most socially divided and economically challenged regions of the UK. Gillian was given an MBE in 2010 for her work in education, and she is an experienced speaker and broadcaster.

"I just wanted to say that you spoke to beautifully at dinner in Amsterdam the other night. It made me cry! Your knowledge and emotional connection to Anne’s story is amazing and we will certainly miss this!"

Sara Pollins

I wanted to let you know how much this is appreciated. Your Panel colleagues and CPS staff have informed me that they found your knowledge and expertise during your time on the Panel extremely valuable.

Baljit Ubhey OBE, Chief Crown Prosecutor CPS London


How did Anne Frank become what she is today?

Gillian will tell the inspirational story of Anne Frank's father Otto Frank and how, despite experiencing man's inhumanity towards others and returning from Auschwitz a broken man, he was determined that his daughter's diary become a force for good. It will be an unforgettable story.


  • How one determined person such as Otto Frank can make astonishing things happen
  • How the teenage Anne Frank has left her mark in some of the world's most violent and turbulent regions
  • How I employed a very unusual management style when I led the Anne Frank Trust

Kim Arnold

'Wowsers trousers…What an immense eye opener…my brain is chock full of ways to ‘just getting the eff on with it’ 

Jojo Humes-Brown
Jojo Humes-Brown Interior Design

“Kim’s great at processing and simplifying complex information to get to the heart of a business.”

Charles Cadbury
Lola Tech, London

Kim Arnold is a UK-renowned business growth expert who grabs companies by the scruff of the neck and shakes some spectacular marketing and sales into them.

She’s spent two decades getting businesses to ditch their boring corporate jargon and bland branding so they become irresistible to their clients. She cut her teeth working for financial heavyweights, including Deutsche Bank and Thomson Reuters businesses. And as a ghost writer for CEOs, Kim’s writing was featured in all the major business press including The Times, The Financial Times and The Huffington Post.

Now Kim advises growth businesses how to build imaginative brands that attract, inspire and seduce their clients. She’s also a respected communication coach and speaker, sharing her unique secrets to help businesses talk and write in a way that inspires action, instead of inducing a coma.

“Kim’s a rare find. She’s created a powerful and unique brand our clients love and marketing strategies that make a real difference to our bottom line.”

Jonathan Brenner
Co-Founder at LOD (Lawyers On Demand)


When the Goin' Gets tough..... Change it

Do you have big ideas but limited money and time?

Ever feel like your marketing's a jumbled list of to-dos (and not many 'got dones')

Is marketing like a 'dark art' that you just can't get your head around?

Don't worry! In this session marketing expert Kim Arnold will take the mystery out of marketing and will share her secrets on..

  • Putting the right marketing foundations in place without breaking the bank
  • Avoiding the common but deadly mistakes that many businesses make with their marketing
  • Doing LESS marketing with BETTER results
  • How to stop being a ‘marketing magpie’
  • Focusing on what really matters to win more business

What you will learn with Kim...

  • How to do LESS marketing to win MORE clients
  • Why you should make free your friend
  • How to get great results from even the tiniest of budgets
Days Hrs Mins Secs

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Tuesday 25 September

Bradbourne House, East Malling

11.15am - 2.30pm


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